Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories will hit PSP next year.

Japanese-based developer Nippon Ichi sent out a press release late last week announcing that Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is heading to PSP next year.

An enhanced port of the PS2 original, the portable version of Disgaea 2 will boast extra story content - a rather substantial 30 percent, along with additional characters.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is slated for a March 26 release in Japan. No word yet on if it’ll make its way stateside, but we’d honestly be surprised if Nippon’s publishing partner NIS America skips on localizing this one, seeing as the franchise as a whole has been quite successful on PSP.
This Digaea is in version Japan language, but don't break down your hope that english version will come out not far from Japan language version.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Modify your PSP!!!

Do you want to modified your PSP like above??
Someone who called Arioch from France, has modified his Phat PSP like below.

what has he added :
* A new, innovative USB charge
* 1W speaker in the UMD door - Activated by a switch
* Custom jewel in the UMD door
* 2 UV LEDs between acrylic and speaker - Activated by a switch
* 8 blue leds through holes in the metal ring - Activated by a three way switch between sound reactive, always on, and off
* 4 tri-color LEDs in the corners of the UMD door - Activated by switches for each individual color
* Blue LEDs in the triggers and holes of the speakers - Activated by a three way switch between sound reactive, always on, and off
* Red push activated LEDs in the triggers - Activated by wifi switch
* Red LEDs under the D-pad, /\ [] O X buttons, and the bottom corners of the screen
* Blue memory stick and power led swaps
* Red wifi and charge led swaps
* Custom dual nub with a 4 way joystick taken from a cellphone
* Total of 9 switches added.
* Total of 40 leds.

This modified have cost close to $320 not including the psp cost, and Arioch spent about 25 hours over the course of 3 days to complete this PSP. Definitely the owner was very happy with the finished product.
Very nice job Arioch, with honestly i would be too. But, i not have too much money, to like that.
hahaha.... :D

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The latest free download PSP games!!!

1. Final Fantasy Dissidia (JAPAN) (download)2.LocoRoco 2 (BETA version) (download)
3.Tom Clancy's EndWar (download)
4.Gundam VS Gundam (JAPAN) (download)
5.Patapon 2 (DEMO) (JAPAN) (download)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Star Ocean :Second Evolution Hands On will ship in 2009.

Second evolution has graphic has been polished so that it looks great on the PlayStation Portable. It plays and feels the same as First Departure. This copy right from gamespot who were posted by Shopia Tong. it's a little about second evo:
"Second Evolution ventures off the beaten path by letting you choose either Claude (son of Ronyx J. Kenny from First Departure) or Rena from the get-go so that you can play from their unique perspective. It's interesting to see how the events unfold early on, before they band together to set off on their adventure. Claude is a young Federation officer who somehow gets himself transported onto Rena's underdeveloped world. He conveniently shows up outside of her small village and arrives just in time to save her from a wild gorilla-like beast. Since he comes from a more technologically advanced world with plasma guns, Rena thinks he is the "Hero of Light" from the legend, who has finally arrived to save her world. A strange sorcery globe crashed on her planet, and since then there has been an increase in hostile creatures. Since Claude has no clue how he's going to get home, he decides to set off in search of the mysterious globe, in hopes of finding some answers along the way. Rena also tags along for the ride in search of answers about her past.

As in the previous game, First Departure, you'll travel from city to city, exploring dungeons and fighting random battles. Second Evolution has a slower start, but once the plot gets moving, you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore, customize, and craft. The battle system is action-oriented, and when the fight begins, you're taken into a fixed area to combat a wide array of creatures. You can control only one character at a time, so you'll want to set up your tactics beforehand for maximum efficiency. Other than hitting the X button to attack, you can assign a special art or symbology spell--which you'll learn as you level--to the L and R buttons. The battles are straightforward and easy to play, and because of the fast-paced skirmishes, they don't bog down the flow of the game.

When you're not on the field, you can use the skill points that you've collected to learn skills and specialties, which will enable you to create items and boost your combat prowess. By visiting the skill guild to purchase a skill set, you'll be able to teach your characters to cook, write, and do other useful things. Each character also has special talents, so the chances of a successful item creation will increase if you teach them the appropriate specialty. This is an excellent way of getting rid of the random materials you'll collect on your quest, and it's always entertaining to see what kind of concoction you'll end up with."

Star Ocean Second Evo will ship at january 20,2009. i hope this game come out before that day, because it's best RPG game altough not as my Favorite game (FINAL FANTASY...).

Friday, December 26, 2008

Rumor about PSP2 again!!!

Remembered when SCEE president David Revees said "sony has no plans for a PSP2"?Apparantly, there are in fact plans for the PSP2. Apparantly, there are already three game producers who are developing games for the non-existant PSP2. If these rumours really are true, then maybe the PSP2 isn’t too far away! There are other rumours surfacing too including ones that say that a PSP-4000 might not be too far awayeither. According to the rumours, Sony will improve the current PSP by doing what they’ve been doing to the past 3 PSPs - making them slimmer, lighter, and giving them a better LCD, and then going even further with that.
But these just rumor so, you couldn't hope to much. But, if these rumours are true,the PSP2 might not even come out until late next year/early 2010. You have probably noticed that past few " upgrade " on the PSP haven't been spectacular. oh well, let's just hope that sony has been listening to its fans and comes out with something great for the next PSP.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

LocoRoco 2 will be released on february 2009 on USA!

LocoRoco 2 is update from LocoRoco but the game plays nothing fights doom and gloom like the LocoRoco.
SCEA Tsubasa Inaba mentions on the playstation blog that LocoRoco 2 will be released on february 2009 on USA ,only on UMD. While many of us still prefer boxes copies, it would be nice to see LocoRoco makes a digital appearance on the playstation store,at least for those who have the memory stick space to spare.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rumor : Final Fantasy Agito XIII will hit PSP next year.

Final Fantasy XIII games were represented by trailers, including the PSP iteration, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The trailer was remarkably similar to the one we'd already seen earlier this year, but in case we missed a detail or two, we thought we'd bring you a quick look at yet another promising game in the famed Final Fantasy series.

The trailer begins by showing us an enormous crystal lighting up as the famous Final Fantasy arpeggios set the stage for the coming drama. We then see imagery that is bound to give most viewers a chill: a Hitler-esque leader stands on a dais, calling out propaganda in a commanding speech to the legions of apparent soldiers ready to cater to his every wish. The placement of the leader and his subjects, as well as the scratchy, black-and-white visual style, hark back to the heyday of the Nazi regime, and it's chilling to see such imagery, even today.

In an even-more chilling twist, the buildings lining the street around the soldiers transform and then fly into the air. They are, in fact, enormous battleships, and they fly across the sky en masse, a terrifying sight to a peaceful nation. The view then changes, and we see a tall, thin spire rising into the air. The camera moves downward toward the crystal that we saw at the beginning of the trailer. The crystal cracks and shatters, and the camera pulls away to reveal its island residence. The entire isle then explodes, perhaps taking all of its residents with it.

But maybe there is a survivor after all. From chaos, a shrouded figure emerges and is soon surrounded by the regimented troops so ready to commit to their apparently evil cause. The troops aim, but our hero isn't a single renegade after all. As the camera rotates, we see that more caped silhouettes join the lone rebel, until there are a dozen or even more. The trailer also cut to something that we didn't see in many of the other trailers in Square Enix's shadowed theater: gameplay footage. Although there wasn't much, we did see that the game will let you command a party of four, and based on that footage, it seems that each party member is assigned one of the four face buttons.

And in a final gasp, the trailer informed us that Final Fantasy Agito XIII will be released for the PSP, but it indicated no release date. Of course, we'd rather show you the footage than describe it, but for now, it seems that there is plenty to look forward to where Agito XIII is concerned, and indeed, for all of the upcoming games in that crystal-themed collection. Keep your eyes open: We'll bring you more news as it becomes available.

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Play NDS in PSP (just for phat)

SofiyaCat developer of PSP has ported the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME to PSP. It's extremely slow, so don't expect it to run anything well, but it does prove DS emulation is possible on the PSP.

Above is a screenshot of the emulator running DS homebrew game GeoWars.

how to installation:
* Move the contents of the 150 folder contained in the archive to GAME or GAME150 on your memory stick.
* Download any DS homebrew game, GeoWars for example.
* Rename the game’s NDS file to test.nds
* Move test.nds to the 150 folder.
* Navigate to the Game menu on your PSP and start the emulator. The game will load automatically.

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download will ready in 24 hour from now...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Text Editor for PSP, use Txto PS II

Dangee developer of PSP has released TxtoPS II, a simple text editor for PSP. Developed with reliability and responsiveness in mind, the Notepad-like initial release sports a built-in OSK that allows users to search for strings within text files, jump to a specific line, and change page layout. Files can be viewed and edited directly on the PSP’s Memory Stick. Additionally, a text-based battery monitor is conveniently included on the application’s main menu screen.

(Download) Txto PS II
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